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The study of world history helps us to understand why our world is the way it is today. By studying the past, we learn that all events big and small affect one another. By trying to explain these effects, we can better plan for the future of humanity. As part of Pottsgrove School District's history curriculum, your 8th grade world history class will pick up where 6th grade left off with the fall of the Roman Empire. Because the Roman Empire was so vast, its collapse had wide-ranging effects on the cultures of Europe and the Middle East. This school year, we will trace those effects through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Age of Exploration. The resources found on this wiki page will assist you in your exploration of the past and its affect on our future.
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Important Documents

In this section, you will find links to pages containing downloadable copies of many of our important documents and assignments.* If you are missing an assignment, please feel free to download and print yourself from home. The pages are organized based on your World History binder table of contents, with the most recent documents at the top and assignments in order by chapter and section.

Download Important Documents

*textbook generated worksheets are NOT included in this section, but many can be found in the World History online textbook

Online Textbook Access

The 8th grade World History textbook is accessible online. The online textbook includes a complete online student edition along with a great deal of interactive content. To access the online textbook, proceed to the link below:


Password: pgsdhistory8

User names will be provided by your teacher.


The links below will take you to the individual assignment pages for each 8th grade World History teacher. Click on your teacher's name to see lists or calendars of upcoming assignments, tests, and quizzes. In addition to these pages, your assignments can also be viewed in PowerSchool.

Mr. Romeo's Assignment Page
Mr. Algeo's Assignment Page
Mr. Carter's Assignment Page

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